Monday, September 14, 2009

How the GOP got hijacked by Right-Wing Authoritarians

How the GOP got hijacked (as well as ANY religion!) by Right-Wing Authoritarians

As we are witness the unfolding of a rather bizarre health care debate, one can't help but be amazed at the jaw dropping lunacy of the folks on the right who are amply represented by an assembly of "creationists" "birthers", "teabaggers", "screamers" and now "deathers"...


Somehow the leaders of the GOP seem to have convinced a majority of their followers that;
1. President Obama is not a naturalized citizen and therefore his presidency is illegitimate (birthers).
2. Obama's healthcare bill will put seniors to death by their government (deathers).
3. Obama's socialist administration will come and get your guns (teabaggers).
4. Obama hates God (creationists).
5. Obama plans for the government to take over Medicare (screamers).
6. Obama plans for America are similar to Nazi Germany. (Limbaugh).
7. Obama's death panels will kill my baby (Palin).
8. Obama's defense policies put the country on the edge of catastrophe (Cheney, Gingrich).


At the end of Chapter Two appears a list of those traits that are typically found in Right-Wing Authoritarians. When reading this list, think GOP leaders Limbaugh, Gingrich, Cheney and Palin.

Right-Wing Authoritarian - Leaders:

* Typically men (Palin is the exception but think masculine phrases used to define her such as "hockey mom", "basketball point guard", and "field dress a moose")
* dominating
* opposes equality
* desirous of personal power
* amoral
* intimidating and bullying
* faintly hedonistic
* vengeful
* pitiless
* exploitive
* manipulative
* dishonest
* cheats to win
* highly prejudiced (racist, sexist, homophobic)
* mean-spirited
* militant
* nationalistic
* tells others what they want to hear
* takes advantage of "suckers"
* specializes in creating false images to sell self
* may or may not be religious
* usually politically and economically conservative/Republican

When reading the below list of follower traits, think of those angry white faces (actually more red than white) at your typical "teabagger" party and recent Town hall "screamer" secession.

Right-Wing Authoritarian - Followers:

* men and woman
* submissive to authority
* aggressive on behalf of authority
* conventional
* highly religious
* moderate to little education
* trust untrustworthy authorities
* prejudiced (particularly against homosexuals, woman, and followers of religions other than their own)
* mean-spirited
* narrow-minded
* intolerant
* bulling
* zealous
* dogmatic
* uncritical toward chosen authority
* hypocritical
* inconsistent and contradictory
* prone to panic easily
* highly self-righteous
* moralistic
* strict disciplinarian
* severely punitive
* demands loyalty and returns it
* little self-awareness
* usually politically and economically conservative/Republican

While reading this list you may have asked yourself why these current followers, who display a deference to authority, are not following the head guy; the President of the United States. The answer is a simple one. The glue that binds the current out of power leaders to their pathetic followers is clearly and unambiguously RACE...

LA Science and Tech News Examiner: How the GOP got hijacked by RightWing Authoritarians


I wish there was such a video about hijacking Christianity, too! If this behavior were all one had to reflect what Christianity is all about, who would want it!


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