Friday, September 04, 2009

Fears of Obama speaking to school kids

The Obamaphobia just keeps going from bad to worse. It's hard to believe "adults" and so-called "educated" people have fallen into the snares of the extreme, radical right. This event is something nice for the kids, to be addressed by the "office of the president" - no matter who holds that office. With our education system crumbling, our nation practically illiterate, and dropout rate on the rise, just maybe our kids might need a pep talk to stay in school and give it their all! But God forbid if it be our President Obama to be the one to offer that encouragement to our kids to better themselves with a good education!! This whole thing is the height of complete and utter lunacy at its best!

Even IF (stress IF) Obama did say something partisan -WHICH HE WON'T -- so the heck what! He's a Dem pres. That's part of our government system!! Two PARTIES!! Hello!! These students are not babies. They're kids who should be learning to listen to differing views and forming their own thoughts. It's called learning to think for themselves. That's part of an education, too. It's more scary if parents won't let their kids learn to do that! They're only teaching their kids to have a closed mind, never listen to opposing views than those of their parents! That's what's extremely dangerous!!

Locally it seems our schools cow-towing to this mania; and
it is most disheartening. If this is how our schools are, then Pres Obama has more work to do with the schools than maybe first thought. It appears our educators are the ones who need some education!

Sounds like too many of the teachers/administrators, as well as parents, are have become "indoctrinated" by FIXED NEWS!! WHAT IRONY!!

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