Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday -- Dear Diary

My morning started out at 8:15 with someone knocking loudly on my front door. It woke me from a sound asleep and I don't go to the door anyway. But the person was insistent and called me. I let the answering machine get it not wanting to get up yet, couldn't hear the message. I couldn't go back to sleep and figured they were gone, so I got up to get my coffee and saw that there was a mobile home trying to get out. They needed the parking spaces in front of my house where my car is parked to make the curve with the trailer and thus needed me to move my car. I hollered at one of the guys to come get the keys to move it. Then my neighbor came up, apologized for waking me. "Is that you that's moving out?" I asked. It was. He's been here a long time. He told me he was getting evicted because he had a girlfriend living with him and didn't tell the office. Damn! I know that's in the lease, but so is a lot of things that aren't abided by in this park. He said he was taking it to small claims court, but I don't see how he'll be able to recover the tremendous expense of moving a mobile home. I felt bad for him.

I didn't try to intall the graphic dirver yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like tackling it. But I am moving my huge address book to Windows Live. I've used Incredimail for years, and they really don't let you export your contacts where they come out looking right. I hate the Windows Contacts way of doing an address book. So, it's just going to have to be one at a time. Besides, I have contacts for various genealogy family lines, contacts from my photography group, contacts from our attempts to save the high school from destruction -- lots of them I'm not even sure who they are now. So, I need to put them in related folders. There's bound to be a better way to keep up with contacts, physical addresses, and phone numbers. Ths is going to be a big project. I made it to the letter D today. lol


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