Monday, October 01, 2007

ATT saga continues

After a frustrating weekend with no phone, several failed efforts to contact ATT over the weekend, Monday finally got here. I diligently set the alarm clock for 8:00 a.m., so I could be sure to call them early enough to get them out here today! That was no easy feat for me because I didn't go to sleep till after 4:00 a.m.! But I made the call - even before coffee. After listening to excruciating music for 20 minutes, I finally got to talk to a gal named Becky and explained what happened. Becky declares matter of factly that the repairman came back out Saturday morning at 8:15 and could not get access. I was livid! "I was asleep!! How was I supposed to know he was coming!"

I let her know with no uncertainty that that was totally unacceptable and I wanted his supervisor to know exactly what happened. She said she would tell her supervisor who would in turn tell his supervisor. I asked to speak to her supervisor, Lisa, myself. Both ladies apologized profusely, and Lisa assured me the technician's supervisor would hear about it. Becky then asked me if the correct number to call me is - and read off my home phone number!! I made conscious effort not to scream and said, "No, That's so silly!! That's the number that is not hooked up!!" grrr.. My patience level is really non-existent. The ladies both tried to be nice, but I didn't feel like making nice.

It will be probably after 12:00 they said. By 2:00 I called again. This time I talked to a young man, Troy. Troy was pleasant but said it wasn't ATT's policy to call before they come out, like that should explain things. I said no, it's not a matter of ATT policy at all! It's a matter of that man having some manners and consideration himself, as a human being! How hard would it be for him to have called Friday and said, "I can't make it this evening, but I will be out by 8:00 in the morning."

Finally at 4:30 (now two full days of waiting for them to show up and a screwed up weekend) the technician got here - Dorman I find out is his name. He said he didn't even need to come inside! So, that lame brained excuse about no access was a pile of b.s. Dorman said the man who never called had been complained about more than once for the same irresponsible behavior and he, Dorman, would personally see to it that the man's superintendent was informed via Dorman's superintendent, and then he gave me his boss' phone number.

After Dorman finished in the back at their box and was leaving, I checked my phone in my living room, and it did not work. He informed me that he hooked up two wires. He said there was a third wire that was bad and would give me static that he would hook up if I wanted him to. But to run a new wire, he said ATT would want $130!

Well, I had five working phone jacks when Roadrunner disconnected me last Friday morning. And now I only have two working phone jacks -- both at the far end of my house. That just won't do. So , this story isn't over yet. Tomorrow I have to call back and tell them I need my phone accessibility just as convenient as it was before. I'm now going on Day 5, counting my weekend, of total frustration trying to just achieve what should have been a simple task of getting phone service!

For what its worth, I do think the clarity of the voice is better than the VOIP with Roadrunner. Once these issues are worked out, if they ever are, I guess things will be better.

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