Friday, July 13, 2007

Tribute to Lady Bird Johnson

I actually was privileged enough to shake this lady's hand one time in the early Sixties, before she was First Lady. She was visiting in Beaumont and spoke at the Lamar College (it wasn't a university then). She was very lovely with the warmest smile you ever saw, and a hearty Texas sized handshake. Here's my humble tribute to a lady I have much admiration for:

590 KLBJ NEWS RADIO - Austin
Thousands Flock to View Lady Bird Johnson
7/13/2007 Newsroom

Thousands line up outside the L-B-J Library to pay their final respects to Lady Bird Johnson. Among them, former state senator Gonzalo Barrientos. "They made a real difference," Barrientos says, "and changed the world, literally." He says, were it not for President and Mrs. Johnson and "War on Poverty" programs, like VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America), it would have been harder for him to go into public service. Others come to pay tribute to the former First Lady's grace, her love of the environment and her stands on Civil Rights. "She was a great lady," one woman waiting in line says. "She had a good sense of history." "Her love of nature is my main memory," one man waiting since about 10:00 am today says. Rick Scott and his family were vacationing from Eldorado, Kansas, when they heard of Mrs. Johnson's passing. "We went through Johnson City and Fredericksburg yesterday," Scott says. "Growing up in the 60s, we just felt we should be a part of this." Mrs. Johnson's body lies in repose in the Library's Great Hall, and the public is invited to pay their tributes all night and into tomorrow morning.

Thank you, Lady Bird!!!

Rest in Peace

Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson

(Dec 22, 1912 – July 11, 2007)


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