Friday, October 12, 2007

ATT - final chapters, I hope

Since I didn't blog on the appropriate days, here's the ensuing sequence of events)

(Friday, October 5)
The day arrives that the repair service promised they would be here. From 3:00 to 7:00 they say. At 6:30 I get a call from a recorded message, basically "We're sorry nobody showed up. But we'll get to you in the morning." OMG!!! "Press 0 for customer service." Poor guy in customer service! Unbelieveable!!! He assured me he would call me in the morning and let me know what time the repairman would be here. I cannot believe how horrible this whole thing has been. Today is the 4th day I've had to wait home for a scheduled appointment! This whole fiasco started on the 28th! But what can you do! I could go back to Roadrunner for my phone, but the VOIP is just not all that great yet. One more day then!! (sigh)

(Saturday, October 6)

Believe it or not, I have my phone jacks all working! It was sort of a comedy of errors this morning.

My phone rang about 10:30. I had laid the phone handset down that I used last night on the night table (Radio Shack phone), next to the Motorola phone that was on the base. I was sleeping so hard I guess I fumbled with the RS phone or else I never hung it up properly, but I couldn't get it to answer. The answering machine was coming on. I grabbed the Motorola phone and said "Hello, hello" through the ans mach message but the guy hung up and immediately dialed my cell phone. My cell phone was in my office at the other end of the house. I jumped up and ran (well, stumbled very fast) to try to beat the voice mail cutting in, but didn't make it! Oh, no!!! Thank goodness for Caller ID!! I called him back and said "I'm here. I'm here!!"

My neighbor on the left had every parking space filled up with his cars, including my 2nd space. I saw him out and asked him to move one of them, and he did, said the car that's in my space he can't get running, so he moved the one next to that. I see ATT driving up and he passes me!! I'm frantically waving at him! He pulls in the drive two houses down on the right ???? I holler at him! "Hey, ATT!! Over here!!" So, he walks over. Why did he park over there???

He comes in to see where my lines are and, as as all good kitties do for us from time to time, Molly had left a hair ball right in front of the phone jack in my office (well, that was embarrassing).

He got his job done quickly (this was not the same guy as the one who came out Tuesday and hooked up the two lines - Dorman). He said there was a line there that was easily hooked up that took care of the office and the L.R. He had to do something else with the back room jack. Either Dorman was either making excuses (lied?) about the line being bad and that I would have to buy a new line for $130 or else he didn't know his job very well.

As soon as I get my phones moved back to their rightful places, I'm going to forget this nightmare!

(Monday October 8)
Even though my phones are now all working, I decided to call the office and report that Dorman had not properly hooked me up, causing me to have to wait several more days, and to also report that again, the technician did not come out as promised. They actually gave me a $25 credit for the piss-poor way they handled my account. Needless to say, that's hardly a compensation for this nightmare, but I'll take it and run with it.

I called Roadrunner to find out about returning the modem I have. This one is for Internet and phone, and I was told I had to return it and get one that is only for Internet. But the office said, no, I could keep this one. My telephone account was disconnected, and I would no longer be billed. So, that's good -- don't have to go down there and wait in line.

Okay. Now, chapter closed!!

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