Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ATT v Roadrunner Saga -- Part 3

Being stressed and tired from the ordeal Monday, I indulged in sleeping late and called ATT about 2:00 yesterday. I was somewhat over my rage and was able to talk a little more calmly since I at least have phone service. A young lady named Kim answered the phone. Hoping to continue where I left off and not have to start over explaining the situation, I asked for Lisa, the manager (she wasn't there), well, then how about Becky or Troy - they were there, but busy. Kim assured me she saw my file and knew what was going on.

So I explained to her about the phone jacks, that I had five working phone jacks when Roadrunner disconnected me last Friday. I explained that Dorman, the repairman who came out Monday, was rushed and told me he hooked up two lines only. He did not ask me how many phone jacks I had.

Kim had quickly reviewed the file and needed no further history of the problems I had had so far. She promised me I would have all my jacks working even if they had to run new lines. She called the technician/repair department and talked to one of their managers (I didn't get his name - slap me!) and brought him up to date. On three-way he told me somebody would be out Friday between 3:00 and 7:00 and not leave until all five of my jacks are working. Kim told me that if anything happens where I am mistakenly charged for anything, jacks, new wires, anything, to call back. She said there are plenty of people and plenty of documentation in my file to show that they had far too many screwups on my install and I would have no problem whatsoever getting it credited, if something showed up. Well, at least ATT now knows who I am!!

So, I have to admit, they are trying. The office crew has been nice enough. It's the guys in the field who seem to be the problem. Though Dorman, the repairman from Monday, was pleasant and I did not make any official complaints about him, in all reality, he did not do as he should have either. I should not have had to deal with a rushed install. He should have asked me how many jacks I had and made sure he had me back to my original layout of functioning jacks. But I guess sometimes compromise is the better part of valor. And even though it's pathetic to take this long, they're at least sticking with it till they get it right.

Of course now the weather is predicting rain Friday! GEEZ!! Well, we'll see how it goes.

I do think the phone quality is better than when Roadrunner was providing my connection. The volume of the sound I am receiving is much, much better. With RR I had the phone's volume turned up as high as it would go and still would have to strain to hear. The voice was usually muffled, as if talking into a towel or something. So, I would either have to ask for repeats or just miss things. My voice being sent would intermittently have an under-water sound, garbled and broken. VOIP is a great idea, and it is probably the communication of the future. It is cheaper. But the quality just isn't there yet. Besides, Roadrunner does have its problems with the Internet losing connection periodically, in which case the phone goes dead, as well. Having a lined phone will at least allow the ability to access the ancient mode of dial-up in case of dire emergencies.

So, next I'll need to search for a free dial-up service, if one even exists. But that will wait till I have the phone jack in my office working again. Maybe next week.


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