Friday, December 12, 2008

new toy for my computer

The past two weeks I've been involved in setting up, learning, and transferring files for my job from an antiquated verison that operated on Win 95/98 -- yeah -- really! -- to a version that will operate on my Vista. I've had the old computer set up side by side with my Vista PC, using it only for work, and using the "good" computer for everything else. Finally, the move is done, and I am about ready to put the old tower into retirement (in the corner of the room where I have three other defunct towers).

Anyway, I did have a nice 17" flat screen monitor I have been using, as well as the 22" flat screen I use with the Vista - both are Samsung SyncMasters, Analog/Digital capable. So, I got the hairbrained idea that instead of putting the 17" away, it's time to expand my desktop -- have two monitors! I have a feeling once this is set up, I'll wonder how I ever did with out it.

I'm not THAT computer saavy, so I had several questions, did a little Googling, and decided to go for it. Not exactly sure what to get, I went to Best Buy and trusted the saleman's advice and bought a VisionTek PCI, Radeon HD2400 PRO, 256 MB, which he assured me it ample. He asked if I had the Digital Interface Cable that came with the monitor. Um, well, I had a hunch I would need it from what I had read on the web and looked everywhere I could think of before I went to Best Buy, but I don't guess one came with the monitor -- or else I put it in a "safe" place. So, I bought one.
Guess I will tackle installing it as soon as I get brave enough. I'll let you know how it goes.

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