Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Case of the Missing Historical Marker

Texas Historical Commission Marker No. 10566 issued 1988

umm - where, oh, where could it be? It used to be there. The State of Texas Historical Commission put it there. But now it's gone. It was still there at our Pep Rally on June 6th. But by the time of the press conference on July 1st when we announced filing an injunction against BISD, lo and behold, it had disappeared. All that remains now is a faded mark on the bricks revealing where that marker had graced and honored that building for over two decades.

It seems reasonable to assume that should the marker be removed, that since it was placed there by the STATE, it would have to be removed by the STATE. But, we know from the letter that the STATE Historical Commission sent to BISD (see the letter below) that BISD hasn't even informed them that they planned to destroy the building. So, it also seems safe to assume that the STATE didn't come and get it.

Well, BISD, we would all like to know why you were in such a hurry to remove that marker from the building? After all, your own web site says you are not planning to destroy the school until September. So, what was the hurry?

Perhaps one of our lawyers in our midst, or someone with the Historical Commission, will answer this question: Is this legal for BISD to have removed that marker? After all, isn't that plaque maybe even property of the STATE? Just askin'....

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