Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Unwrapped - The History of Christmas

Now that Christmas is over and leftovers are about gone, credit cards are maxed out, and all is left is taking down the decorations, it's a good time to watch this very interesting program from the History Channel about the history of Christmas. I saw it a few days before Christmas and wished I had recorded it. I thought to myself, everybody needs to see this! Fortunately YouTube has it! So, I highly, highly recommend you watch it. Unless you're really up on history, I think you'll be surprised at just how "recent" our "traditional" Christmas really is.
A Must See!

From The History Channel

Christmas Unwrapped
The History of Christmas

From Santa Claus to the Christmas Tree, this is an enchanting look at some of the most beloved holiday traditions.

People all over the world celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th. But why is the Savior's nativity marked by gift giving, and was He really born on that day? And just where did the Christmas tree come from?

Take an enchanting journey through the history of the world's favorite holiday to learn the origins of some of the Western World's most enduring traditions. Trace the emergence of Christmas from pagan festivals like the Roman Saturnalia, which celebrated the winter solstice. Learn how Prince Albert introduced the Christmas tree to the English speaking world in 1841. And discover how the patron saint of children was transformed into Jolly old Santa Claus by British settlers in the New World.

Come in from the cold for a Christmas celebration that has it all.

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